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Building The Social News Network To End Fake News

( Overlooked George Sehremelis realized that Americans were relying on social media to find news stories but were frustrated by the role Facebook and Twitter played in disseminating fake neews…

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Less deep, more fake: The war for opinion making and truth formation in social media in times of the Corona virus

(Sabrina Mazzola, Medium)

According to studies*, people today inform themselves about the world primarily through social media. The middle-aged at Facebook, the younger ones at Instagram and still very young at Snapchat, TikTok and Twitch. From these portals — and especially from their friends who are on the move there — they get their insights about the world. This creates an immediate world — a world they trust, a world they share with their narrow peer group. But this world is neither warm nor safe, it is shaken by threats that many of these users are not even aware of — and that will be much stronger in the future.